Wednesday, 7 May 2014

5 Days USANA RESET The Week After

Many of you have heard how I lost 17 pounds over 90 days in USANA RESET in early 2014. It was part of the 90 day challenge that I took part in.

Losing weight was very important to me and late last year in Dec 2013 I decided that enough is enough and I just had to make a clean break and not try to do things in a haphazard manner as before.

You may check out the RESET Video on my site by CLICKING HERE!

My Favorite Usana Nutrimeal Shake

So I got started in RESET Transform with determination and focus. It was the very first time I took my health so seriously. I gave up many a great meal around too many dinner parties that its hard to actually remember.

Here are 4 points of interest from the notes I kept from my journals in weight loss ...

First Day in Transform
First Day of #Transform Begins!

Migrating from the 5 Day #Jump #Start to the RESET Transform was smooth and easy.

Some of the things I have seen happen to me...

1. My #eatinghabits are now in control.

2. I no longer crave the high carbs, beers and coffees that I am so used to.

3. My side affects of the headaches of the #detox have gone.

4. I am eating smaller portion sizes.