Thursday, 22 May 2014

Check out Vicki's 3rd day of the Usana 5 Day RESET Weight Program

My wife Vicki just started a re-do of the 5 Day Usana RESET Jump Start weight management program on Monday 19th  May 2014. Read the entire story of her journey by visiting the reviews on her blog post this week. She is trying her best to loss weight and stay within a weight range. Its interesting to see how focus she is and I am inspired watching her during this week.

May 21st 2014 The 3rd Day of Usana RESET!

After blowing out the calories yesterday my goal was to get a bit more exercise under my belt.

My Daily Exercise Count
    Today is a good day to start running!
    Today is a good day to start running!
  • I included some incidental exercise by walking to the cafe where I had a morning meeting - that burned around 55 calories.
  • In my afternoon walk I added in some short bursts of running to and made sure I went a bit further.  I did 5.15 kilometres and burned 277 calories.   
  • I then came home and did some push ups and sits ups which burned a further 68 calories.
So that gave me a total of 400 calories burned off - Yay!!

By the way before I forget here are the notes from the last two days
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