Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Day-2 of The Usana 5 Day Jump Start Reset Program from Vicki

May 20th 2014: My wife Vicki just been doing the USANA 5 Day RESET Weight Management Program and has been keeping her journal on Facebook. She has been jotting down everything she has been doing on a daily basis with food intake, exercise and nutrition.

Here is a short snippet about what she did on Day 2 of the Five Day program this week.
Day 2 - May 20th 2014 | The 5 Day Jump Start in RESET Weight Management!

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I love my phone apps. MapMyWalk and MyFitnessPal

They help me track my exercise and the number of calories I eat and burn off.

I would not say there are super accurate but they do help. So if I go over a little on the calories I do not get too alarmed. It just helps me gauge how I am going on a day to day basis. More about Nutrimeal!

Today I started with my favorite breakfast combination.

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