Sunday, 25 May 2014

Follow The 4th Day of My 5 Days of USANA RESET

Check out my Day 4 of the 5 Day USANA RESET!

Here is a short snippet of my wife Vicki's fourth day in USANA RESET last week.
Thursday 22nd May 2014 - The 4th Day of Usana RESET!
My RESET Story!
 Before I begin lets give you the links to the last 3 day notes of USANA 5 Day RESET!
 Day-1 How I started Usana RESET More on that!
Day-2 Sharing a recipe Click Here for that!
Day-3 Being conscious of Calories count! Learn what I do!
Apps come to the rescue!

Thank goodness for the phone apps as I doubt I would have had the motivation to do exercise today.

I woke up feeling great and got a lot done but by the afternoon I was feeling a bit low. No real reason.  But as the day went on it got gloomy and looked like rain and my walking gear was not quite dry from being washed earlier.