Sunday, 11 May 2014

How I Lost 3.5 Kgs on RESET | 5 Day Usana RESET Is Amazing!

Notes taken from my weight loss journals during the 5 Day Usana RESET in January 2014. Look at what I managed to do over that period ... Click Here!

Here are some tips I jotted down that may prove to be useful to you as you move into your weight loss journey!

Look what I actually lost over the entire 90 days.

Starting to Eat Meals Again! 1. I replaced my evening #Nutrimeal shake with a a small meal of omelet and a big plate of fresh #garden #vegetables. I sprinkled some hot chilli on it along with cracked pepper and relished it.  

Change of Exercise! 2. I replaced my 5Km walk with a good 15 minutes of swimming in the sea. The water was refreshing and the ocean was the best treat I had this year.  

The #WeightLoss Results So Far From 88kgs to 84.5 on Day Seven Morning! The morning of the 7th day my body weight is down by 3.5KG (7.7 Pounds).

These results come in after the 5 day RESET and as I completed the first week moving into the Transform Stage.

Isn't that Amazing! If I keep this up I will be under 80Kgs in 5 weeks I hope and gosh will need new clothes. Looking forward to the new wardrobe.

Come On Shopping! I like that.

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