Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How To Create A Contact List From Facebook Chats

6th June 2014

Claude Fullinfaw
Dear Home Based Business Entrepreneur,

I just want to share something that can be useful to you that I am using right now in my network marketing business. Join Me On FB

Most of us are using Facebook in some way or other yet we may not be using it fully to profit from.

What We Must Remember Is...

Just like in a real life event when we meet someone who should ask us questions about how we are or what we are doing right now, we should treat our FB chat or conversations in the same way.

Make your replies exciting yet not pushy. Try to ask them a question before you tell them where you are or what you are doing, especially if they have seen a picture of you on FB.

Do Not Give Wrong Impressions!

Most of us will want to boost what we are doing and ask them to see what we have immediately. I suggest you refrain from doing that.

We may even pretend that we are doing very well right from day one. This is not right either. People are smart and can see for themselves. Just be yourself and honest.

I suggest that you be modest and not boost too much as you give your potential prospects a wrong feeling that this business can be done in one month or 6 months. People rather want you to be upfront and honest. Remember that Network Marketing is not Perfect but just Better than whats out there today for most people. This is your advantage so you dont have to be too pushy.

Remember the average person does take 3 years, 4 months and 2 days to become Gold.

That's the average, what about those who take longer.

So its best not to give a wrong impression of success.

Learn To Ask Questions!

I suggest that you take a step back, ask them what did they did find so exciting in the picture they just saw you in.

Ask them "why did you like my picture".

I normally look each day to see who likes my pictures from the previous day and write these people's names down in my diary.

I then ask them a question hoping they will get back to me. I log that question down too. I want to remember what I say to each of my clients.

When they do get back I then start asking more questions, waiting for another answer.

This is my way to be able to get to their main reason why they found my photos pleasant enough to like.
Once I get them chatting with me I can very easily slip in that I like them to see what I am doing.

Wait for their reply.
When they do reply say something like

"I know how you feel, I too felt that excitement when I first saw others enjoying like I am. Maybe I should share what I am doing so you know what makes me successful to enjoy what you see me enjoy. Here is a link to a short YouTube Video that will help you understand what I am doing now."

I then send them my link to http://change.claudefullinfaw.com/

(PS: This is my special link, I suggest you send them yours- This is the video on YouTube)

Tell them you will FB MSG or reconnect with them in 24 hours to see what they felt after they saw the video.

Then in 24 hours you follow up.

(Remember that follow-up is where the money is)

The last Step - What Most People Forget! ...

Once you follow up with someone and if they seem too busy or disinterested we most often move on to the next client who ask us questions.

Quite often we tend to forget who our past clients are.

We get too busy with our work chasing new prospects every day.

This is where we make the biggest mistakes in our business.

What we cannot see...
Though these people who you just chatted with may not be keen right now they still may be watching you on FB.

Maybe their lives will change in the next few weeks or months or years.

Keeping records- Important You Do This...
I suggest you get yourself a diary or notebook and start writing the names of these people in that- Maybe even their FB page and the date you spoke to them last.
If you know Microsoft Excel use that as its just a copy and paste exercise if you do. Save the file to a USB so you can work at any PC if you wish.

This becomes your contact list, Your Master Contact Lists.

Make a follow up list of these potential clients.

Make sure you followup every 4 weeks with them.

Now every 2 , 4 or 6 weeks I suggest that you visit these peoples FB pages, leave a LIKE or Comment or even share something to your FB Wall from their page.

Their will start to see you are visiting their page often so they now will be curious to start to visit yours too.

In real life we do this so this works in virtual life too.

After a period of 6 to 8 weeks again leave them a msg on FB and say hello, no business talk, just a short hello saying you enjoy their photos or wishing them Happy Birthday, something like that.

Soon this person who now sees you often on FB will start to feel you are a friend.

After a while he or she will again ask you why you seem so happy in your pictures.

Or they may be feeling tired and will see that you just posted the Essentials photo and may ask you how to buy some.

Can you imagine ...

If you do this from this week onwards, adding 3 to 6 potential new FB contacts to MS Excell you will have a very powerful contact list in 6 to 12 months of over 1000 people.

If you want to be successful and fast you MUST start to work like a True Professional from Today.

Its never too late to change how we work.

Start today and start to see great results in 8 to 16 weeks from now.

That's just Sept 2014 where you will see great results.

Look forward to hearing how this works for you in your business.

Ups Claude