Thursday, 10 July 2014

How College Students Can Earn Extra Income In Brisbane?

Would you as a young person in college or TAFE here in Brisbane like to know more about working smart today? Most people go through college or university hoping to get a job and earn a good salary these days in Queensland Australia. With the market down turnm in jobs what students study to be will probably not be the jobs they will get. Want to contact us!

Are you prepared for this?

A few go on to be self employed and hope that working for themselves is the best thing to do. They spend all their younger years working long hours for a seemingly bright financial future. Only to find out that when they do get some sort of security finacially to have lost the best years of their life. In addition their health has suffered and they then go on to strive to regain their health with the money they made over the last 20 or 30 years working hard as self employed people.

Is there a better way to all this? Can we work smarter as young people and still have the money and the good health with a lifestyle to match?

It may be possible and this is why I have written this post to help college students in and around Brisbane who study at the Universities here in Queensland to see that there maybe be other options open.

All I say is take a look and see! :)