Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 4: The Rat Race Explained - Why its important to read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad

It's interesting going through the pages of Chapter 1 in Rich Dad Poor Dad where Robert Kiyosaki talks about financial literacy and why it's important for young people in school and college to start to learn what makes money and how to make it work for you. Want To Learn More?

Most probably you have heard the saying by now - Escape The Rat Race! Most people have as its comes up on Facebook quite often.

But what is really the Rat Race of life.

Let me explain after what I picked up from the book RichDadPoorDad. And if I can make you understand what it is then I have learned the lesson well too. After all these notes are meant for me to learn too.

The Race Race Of Life!

The message passed on by parents!

According to Kiyosaki parents tell children when they are young that getting a college degree is the most important thing for them to get. Without a university degree they will not be able to land themselves a good job and get by in life.

So what do children do!

They follow the teachings of their teachers and get the good grades at school to get the college education that they want to pursue a career in. Surprisingly most young college students will pick a career that some one around them has either inspired or motivated them to go after. May be their dad was a plumber so it feel good to become one too to take over the father's business. Maybe an aunt is a nurse and the young person feels good to become a nurse after seeing and hearing so many great things around nursing.

So if you a student in Brisbane and thinking of going to college or are at college find out why did you pick the subjects you are currently in or are to start in. Because the next few lines are certainly going to make you think twice about what you are doing.

We need to not only just work hard but working smart is the key to financial success.

So you start studying at a college in Brisbane and soon the next four years will slip by and you will get the coveted college degree you been striving for. Mum and Dad will be among the guests attending your graduation ceremony and pictures will be taken. Proud parents will boast that their young son or daughter has finally become the doctor, engineer or teacher that they so dreamed of.

Just imagine that!

You have brought pride and joy to the parents & teachers. But what they do not realize is that they have set you up for a life of mediocrity. Instead of forging a life around dreams you will work hard for the rest of your life. Why - keep reading and you will find out why soon.

So with excitement you put on your best Sunday suit to go for job interviews and try your best to land the best jobs around. By now you are in the real world competing with experienced working people who are applying for jobs to further their careers, the unemployed people as well as people who have been retrenched by the latest downsizing in Australia.

The good news is ...

You are lucky as you do land yourself a job and it's a pretty job one too at that. After all you did study hard in college and you prepared for this. It's what your parents had planed all along for you wasn't it.

There is more to come so please keep reading because the rosy job is not all it seems to be.

Soon you start working and you get about and start a great social life. After all you are now working and do have a job. You start to travel to exotic places, go for concerts, buy branded items and play the scene that life is cool. You learn to spend money and have all the credit cards possibly to fund your lifestyle. Money seems not a problem. After all you have a good job!

A few years later...

While you socialize you meet someone nice at a club or party and fall in love and get married in the next three to six years. Life is exciting as now you plan to get a home of your own with the love of your life. As there are now two incomes coming into the household you can manage to pay the house repayments and it is just what you did see happening. A very happy ending. And it all started with the good college education correct!

What about the pending bills that start to appear?

By now you may have started a family and the bills start to accumulate. Things get tight especially when one of you may have had to work part time and take a pay cut to look after the kids. So what do you do!

You just start to cut corners and don't go out as often as you did once. May be you take on the second weekend job to bring in some extra cash to pay for those pending bills or for a long awaited holiday on the beach. Saving can also be a problem with a family to look after.

The good old days!

Those fancy overseas trips are a thing of the past and you only visit them occasionally in conversations when you look at old photographs. Forget those branded clothes you once wore. Today you wear clothes from Target and settle for seconds if you can get by. After all you have your children to put through college right now.

What went around does full cycle now!

Soon you start to say words much similar to those spoken a generation ago to you. Study hard child as your education is what is going to help you get a job soon.

Life has come a full cycle and you a repeating what your parents were saying to you 25 years ago.

Looking back what can we learn!

Now I want you to look at your parents' lives back then and see if you envied what they had created.
  • Did they have the time freedom to do what they wanted? 
  • Did they have extra money to take you to exotic places as a child?
  • Were they able to take their minds off expenses?
  • Or were they constantly worried about bills and surviving?

Now look at your life today. 

Have you mirrored your parents or have you not? Most probably you too don't have time freedom, money Freedom and are tied down to your job. So if your child today is about to ask you why should they go to college just to get a degree what advice will you give him or her today?

After all if they listen to you they will get what you got and what their grandparents got.

The take home here is ...

Now if you are that young person today reading this post think twice what the college education system is about to teach you. What they will teach you is nothing what you will use to create a dream life.

You will just get what your parents got.

This is the Rat Race of life that Robert Kiyosaki talks about in his book with Sharon L. Lechter in Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Want to escape the Rat Race then pick up Robert Kiyosaki's book today.

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