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What really is the Rat Race of Life? The steps as taught by Rich Dad Poor Dad - Day-7

The Summary Of The Rat Race of Life!

Here is a short breakdown what the race of life is all about.

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   It starts with you getting advice from your parents that a college education is what you must go after to get the best paid jobs.
  Once you finished college you then get a job and start to work yourself up to get the promotions and pay increases you set your eyes on.
  Soon with extra money in your pocket you start to get the fancy car, the branded clothes, watches and want to be seen around town as successful.
  You start to travel to exotic places around the world with friends and
  Soon you find someone you like and get married before long.
  This now takes you into a complete different space as now you start to save for a home. You start to save and so can't go out as often as you once did.
  Next comes the kids and exciting as this is you find that the double income that once allowed you many luxuries is eaten away faster than it gets into your bank account.
  As the children grow so do the expenses. Soon one of you may have to cut back on work to devote to the family.
  This adds extra burden to the family budget. The once happy family is now ridden with credit card debt and a big mortgage.
  Now as your children start to grow up you start to give them the same advice as your parents did 20 plus years ago.

A flash back for you is did your parents have it easy back when you were growing up. Were they financially comfortable and living a carefree life with lots of time and money. Probably now!

Yet they gave you a formula to follow saying getting a job will set you up for life. And you followed their advice to only find that now you are living the lifestyle your parents lived - of misery and laden with debt.

Do you think you should give this formula of success as a legacy to your children now to follow. Don't they deserve more from life than following a system or rules that is outdated.

I strongly suggest getting a copy of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and reading it at least twice and acting on the advice of Robert Kiyosaki.

Learn from the best that there are smarter ways to earn money and all that can be done from home.

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