Friday, 1 July 2016

Why Is It Important To Be A Leader Outside Your Work Place

I am excited as I read the article by John C Maxwell. He talks about leadership at a total new level. Leading out!

Not within, not across, not up. But Leading Out.

I can apply this to my life right now as I grow within my local business community in the BNI Aurora Chapter in Brendale, Brisbane. I can also associate this leading out leadership in Toastmasters International as I grow in my position as Area 3 Director in District 69.

I am sure this leadership wil have positive impacts on the communities I work in as I progress through 2016-17 and the impacts I will bring to many people soon. I am excited.

I suggest you read up on the artilce by John C Maxwell below.

Claude Fullinfaw

The John Maxwell Company wrote:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written to you about the concepts of leading up, leading across, and leading down. I hope you’ll explore the whole series, if you haven’t already. All of these ideas are explored in my book The 360° Leader, and I’ve been blown away by so many of the comments left on the

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Work From Home Business Opportunity Event In Brisbane 7th July 2016

Have You Ever Thought Of Pre-Working A Group?

Hello Friends in Brisbane! Have you ever been to a networking event and intentionally made an effort to get to know people prior to the event.

If you are planning to go to your next networking event I suggest you find out who are also attending. You can get this information from the sign up page when you register for the event. This is true in Meet-Ups.

So when you do get to the event you will know people by name as well as what they do in their businesses as well as lives. I hope this is of value to you today.

Claude Fullinfaw




Simon Chan wrote:


It’s not about people being interested in you, it’s about you being interested in other people. Patrick Powers shows us how to become interesting to the right people. Also the only 2 things in life that will create dreams.

Who is Patrick Powers?

Patrick Powers has over 26 years of MLM experience bu