Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Goals Setting Why Is It Important

My Business Tip This Thursday Morning:
Learning From Mistakes!

Isn't it interesting that as soon as you feel you know it all you are humbled again to know that there is so much to learn still.

Claude Fullinfaw - Sydney
I just been getting ready for a talk in Sydney to talk to my business friends and as I started to put together information for my slides I started to see why goal setting is so important. I like to share with you what I learned so you can take away some golden nuggets today and speed track your success.

This is my story recently.

I read a book called GoPro by Eric Worree (I bought his in-house study course for $299 USD) couple of weeks ago. While on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney I just could not put the book down as it was so informative. It was such a pity as I came to the end. I felt I could have read much more. Now if you can get a copy of the book get one from his website or from Amazon for your Network Marketing business today.

So what impressed me so much.

Today I will just touch on one thing as I plan to talk about a few of the main points I gleamed from GoPro over the next few weeks. So look out for these weekly tips.

What I learned...
When starting out in your business have you ever thought about beginning with a "goal" in mind. Now many of us including me are guilty of not setting goals.

Do you know that people who had goals were twice as much successful as those who did not.

Actually the numbers are staggering.

It was seen that 13% of Harvard Students were twice as much successful as compared to 84% of the class who did not have any goals at all. Now these 13% just had goals but never took the trouble to go any further as to write them down. Yet they were successful. Just imagine that.

So what about the 3% left of the class of 100 who were tracked in 1979. Those 3% made 10 times more money than the first two groups.

Why was that?

Well they not only wrote goals but were very precised as to what these goals were to be and how they were to be accomplished. Just imagine these students, this small group writing down steps on how they would go after their goals.

So this is my tip today.

Go take a few minutes or an hour and start the goal setting exercise and you will shave many years of fruitless labor off and be 10 times more successful as your competition.

I am doing this right now too.

Look out for my next tip that will be sent next week.

Success to you!

Claude Fullinfaw
USANA Business Leader