Friday, 9 May 2014

How I Lost 17 Kgs On USANA RESET | 5 Day USANA RESET Started It All

My weight loss journey started on the 6th of Jan 2014. I had decided enough was enough late 2013 and wanted to have a transformation in my health and found the answer when I took charge of my health and committed to completing the USANA Weight Loss Challenge in early 2014. The challenge itself was 90 days where I competed to win at something I wanted so badly. I wanted to look well and feel good again.

More on RESET here!

I wanted my life back so badly, my looks back. Thats what I was fighting for.

I started with the 5 Day Jump Start which is a program that has all the meal replacement shakes, nutritious food bars and high quality USANA supplements all packaged properly for us to begin. I had literally nothing else to worry about than follow the program. The program takes all the guess work out when you decide to lose weight.

You may follow the video I have on what I did by Clicking here too.

I also keep a Pinterest Board on USANA RESET so take a moment to look at what others have done too so you can motivate yourself to win at your own weight loss challenge too.

Claude Fullinfaw