Monday, 23 June 2014

Lesson 1: Six Tips In Building A Stronger Network Marketing Business

Hi Friends

Today's Business Training is about 6 business leadership traits you should consider implementing into your network marketing business for success.

I recently attended a special training conducted by my company and I feel you all can benefit too. I shall make it generic so you can take the key points and adapt it to your home based business.

The key points I learned that may help you create faster growth and more profits in your company, that is your own network marketing business are listed below. What I will outline here are the Gold Nuggets I gleamed from that training and I hope you can use it for your business growth.

Lets start...

The CEO's Perceptive! Always look at your business from a CEO's perceptive and not as an employee's! An employee will always look at the amount of work he or she puts in and not actually look to see if that effort is translating into profits for the company. In this case is your efforts making you a profit right now in your network marketing company?

Everything you do from this moment onwards in your business must be done from a CEO's perceptive. How will you conduct business so you can make every business plan make more money for you.

Here are some key points that may help you..

1. Create Your Vision: CEOs do not do anything in their business without knowing what they are going after. They have a clear vision around which they then make a business plan and always refer back to that plan regularly. If they do not refer back and check they may not be able to correct mistakes in time.

Mistakes not corrected in time can cost your business profits earned. Think like a CEO. In a home based business it may be the way you approach people. You may be good at approaches but may be your presentation skills need polishing up on. By keeping track of your presentation numbers you can see where you can improve over time.

Have you got a business plan for your home based business? And if you do how often do you refer back to it and does it need amending. Are you looking for a home based business? Maybe we can help you. Click here!

2. Every Investment Counts: CEOs want to know exactly where their investment of capital is being invested into. This also goes for manpower as well as time. In a home based business we deal with people mainly. Are you bringing in people who want the business so badly that they will do everything possible to make it work for themselves. Do they take full responsibility of their actions and do you know your investment of time in them is going to reap profits for your business. Are you spending too much time with the wrong people?

3. Cutting On Costs: CEOS will work on very tight budgets. They know the cents saved in running costs actually causes the profits to roll in big time. They know that its the small cuts that make big profits. An example is about how WalMart works: It performs on less than 0.5 % profit margins and yet is still in the Top 5 companies in the US. Its that amazing.

So how can you use this in helping you grow a bigger network marketing business today. Are you investing time and money in your business that can be more rewarding in another area. Is a distributor taking up too much time of your time right now? Is the time spent not fruitful for your business?

Can you direct this distributor towards more general help so you can help someone who needs your help to grow faster right now.

Keeping records of time spent for profits earned over 12 months can start to help you know where you must build and who do you support more.

4. Planing Your Day Ahead: CEOs know what their day looks like everyday. They don't work randomly. They follow a diary and stick to it. Do you have a good follow up system for present and past clients. Do you follow up clients you spoke to 12 months ago. How do you do that? By memory or do you have a system to remind you? This can be a manual system or electronic but must be done.

5. Being Accountable: CEOS are accountable for everything they do. They are more strict on themselves than their fellow employees. Keep tab on your performances so you can start to break your own records. By knowing what you did two weeks ago, 2 months ago or a quarter ago will come handy when you want to rank advance.

If you feel being accountable is an area of less importance then I must stress you are going to find your business harder to do. You must take full responsibility for everything you do from today onwards and keeping records is one of those things.

You can surely ignore this advise but...
You will find soon that you are being left behind just because of this one key aspect missing in your business.

Why hesitate! After all you did this when you are at work. How else could you finish the tasks the boss gave you if you were not accountable, especially when you needed to show regular reports in to the boss.

Now that you are the boss nothing changes. It gets harder as you have to do this to yourself and most people slip here. We dont like to be hard on our-self. Remember in your job you dont get paid for showing up at your desk. You got paid for results. Its same here. If your results are the same or lower than previous quarter you will lose income.

6. Picking The Right Partners: They pick the best people to work with and complement their management team with better people adding value to their organization. Look for people who have talent. Look for people who are fun to work with. Look for people who bring in energy that compliments your team.

So if we can use these 6 tips above for your business we can certainly start to see some massive results.

Claude Fullinfaw
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