Friday, 3 April 2015

Day-6 | Being Introduced To CashFlow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki

Skipping through the pages this morning in the introduction to the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, I immediately aligned myself with the banker who said that though he knew about banking had no idea that money worked in ways not known to many. Unlike the others in the game - Cash Flow Quadrant, I could see how I had failed in my previous four endeavors in business having made the same mistake over and over again.

Einstein once said that "If you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result it's a sign of insanity". Now that's what was happening to me prior to 2003. I for some reason seemed to be on a treadmill of destruction - The Rat Race of life and just could not get off for the life of me.

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Now if you have not read Cash Flow 101 then it's time you do. It's a book around finances and helps you learn how to keep a Profit and Loss Statement, buy assets that add value to the balance sheet and helps identify loss producing Ventures that make you go broke.

As we played the game I started to follow old habits I had formed for over 20 years and found myself getting further into debt. The game is based on helping you get out of the Rat Race and being financially free. It's helps you look for ventures that increase the profit side of the balance sheet.

As the CashFlow 101 game progressed I started to identify mistakes of the past. My wife who was also playing the game raised her eyebrows as I kept getting bankrupt.

Playing the game has since changed the way I now look at money and businesses. I do not look for a return of my investment anymore on a business deal. What I have since learned is we must look for ROI (return on investment) when getting into a business deal.

Since 2003 I now help mentor people who want to change their finances and are eager to get off the thread mill of life and start living a life. I teach these principles I now know well to others and help them get into home based business in Brisbane as well as globally.

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The Lessons I Learn From Reading The Book Rich Dad Poor Dad!

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