Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day 10- Learn To Be Successful From People Who Are On The Road To Success

Robert Kiyosaki talks about his two dads who influenced him growing up. Isn't it interesting that people closest to you can make such an impact over you and what you become.

I remember way back in 1971 how another man came into my life back then. He was just 10 years older than me and though he was only 21 years old I noticed he started to develop characteristics of an entrepreneur and stand out from the crowd. He was to become my role model and in a sense the Rich Dad in my life without me sensing it.

My highly skilled educated Dad who was a senior employee in a large firm in India back then. Dad was instrumental in getting this high school drop out his first job. In fact I was the one that ran the errand to inform Lewis of a job if he was keen to take it.

Opportunity comes to people who see it. Also preparedness is another quality of entrepreneurs. Being prepared to be able to recognize opportunity is very important.

Well this man Lewis went on to be very successful. He was the rich dad in my life and was instrumental to question ideas and advice of my real dad. I soon started to see that having a college education was just not good enough to be successful.

What lacked around me was even though I saw this I did not back then know exactly what I needed to do to become rich. I had no mentors back then. No one pushing me to be different.

Today we have so many mentors in person as well as in books that can show us the way to become successful.

So instead of just accepting what is being said or shown to you start to question why should you listen or follow their instructions.