Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 8 : Don't Give Up Control. Control Your Own Destiny

It interesting how we all react to what we are exposed to in different ways. I was quite taken up with the young college student, the daughter of Sharon in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad who took the lessons learned from playing the game CashFlow101 and started to adapt it to her life as a student.

What I learned is that college students don't have to just work for a living. They can start to learn how money works and how to invest it.

From there students can move on to choosing a career where they go to work because they love what they do and not just for the job security and how much money the job pays. This will bring freedom to how students lead their lives and will eventually help them to escape the rat race of life, leading fuller and happier lives.

By getting out of the Rat Race you start to lead your life by a new set of rules, a different set of rules very similar to those the rich and successful follow.

You don't allow yourself to be a victim of unemployment and downsizing. As now you control your destiny, not your boss nor the bank if you are self employed.

The big difference is not allowing someone else to control your destiny. Never give up that control to anyone else other than you.

When you do give up control you can get unemployed in a flash with company restructuring. All that does is put more profits back into the company, makes more money for the share holders and raises the stock price of the company.

For you it means hardship because of loss of job, loss of job security, no income and your family gets hurt.

Never give up control!

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Look out for our next post on what I picked up from the great read of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

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